Connecting Europe Through History

Finalizing a Migration Conference series with a Migrating Conference

The Final Project Conference “Challenge Migration – Connecting Europe through History” within the EUROCLIO Project Connecting Europe through History – Experiences and Perceptions of Migrations in Europe” ,funded by the EU’s Europe for Citizens Programme, took place in Vienna from 19 to 20 November 2010. The Conference was organised in cooperation with the European Parents Association and the Project Partners ISHA and EUROPAEUM. More than 70 international participants were addressed with questions like How can migration be integrated into the history school curricula? How should this topic be taught in the (history) class room? What can we learn from past perspectives on migration to create a better future? This conference and the overall project have - generally speaking – made one step forward towards an inclusive approach of teaching migration. As history and citizenship education often rely on (one) national narrative in the teaching of history, the conference provided for a more trans-
national view which entails the assessment of how we talk about our past, present and future. Parents have gained new views on how migration can be taught in history, students have presented their direct encounters with other cultures and academics, teachers as well as teacher trainers shared their expertise about the learning and teaching of migration.

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Workshop by Benny Christensen, Denmark
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Finla Brainstorm on EU Recommendations