Connecting Europe Through History

Integration and Migration in History and History Education in Helsinki

In the central facilities of Helsinki University, one of the members of the EVROPAEVM, the International Students of History Associations held it’s Annual Conference, drawing in History Students from across Europe to discuss topics under the broad theme of “Integration in History”. The Conference was made possible by contributions from The Finnish Cultural Foundation, HYOL - The Association for Teachers of History and Social Studies (a EUROCLIO Full Member), the Helsinki University, Historical Association of Finland and Participation Fees. EUROCLIO contributed to the event as it was included in the “Connecting Europe through History” Project, by hosting a special Round Table entitled “Migration as a Relevant Theme for Finish History Education”. At the Round Table, prominent Finnish History Education Specialists as well as school teachers took part. The discussion was chaired by Najat Ouakrim (Finnish History Teacher’s Association, Board Member) and included Jan Löfström and Marko van der Berg (Teacher Educator at University of Helsinki), Henna Malmivirta (history teacher), Juha-Pekka Lehtonen (textbook author and history teacher), Petter Wallenius (history teacher) and Petteri Granat (history teacher). This led to very engaging discussion, drawing in comments, question and debates from the History Students. A full report of the Roundtable and the 5-day conference is available below.

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