Connecting Europe Through History

Great engagement in Cracow!

The new EUROCLIO Project “Connecting Europe through History – Experiences and Perceptions of Migrations in Europe” has taken off with the first of a series of international events scheduled within the Project during 2009-2010. The seminar took place in Cracow, Poland on October 16th-18th  at the Institute of European Studies, Jagiellonian University and brought together history teachers, representatives of the DG Enlargement of the European Commission and students attending the EVROPAEVM Graduate Workshop “Europeanisation in Central and Eastern Europe: How have the new member states changed?” EUROCLIO Partners in this Project, Dr. Paul Flather (EVROPAEVM), Frerik Kampman and Marko Halonen (International Students of History Association-ISHA) engaged the participants from Poland and beyond in a Round Table discussion on “Migration as a Theme in History Teaching”. Issues on which extent has migration been integrated into the national curriculum in Poland, how much nationalistic or politically coloured versions of the past affect the Polish teachers and the different perspectives on the topic in other countries than Poland were addressed. A good insight was gained into what has changed in teaching about Migration after the fall of communism and how pupils perceive the theme of migration.

Join us in Cracow...

The first of a series of international events within the new EUROCLIO Project"Connecting Europe through History - Experiences and Perceptions of Migrations in Europe" will take place in Cracow, Poland on October 16th 2009.EUROCLIO together with its Project Partners, EVROPAEVM and the International Students of History Association, invite History teachers and educators from the region to attend the keynote lecture on "Migration in History Education" and exchange views during the round table discussion about “History Teaching on Migration in the Context of Central Europe. The EUROCLIO Seminar will be hosted by the Institute of European Studies of the Jagiellonian University.

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