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A Challenge for History Education in Europe: Migration

The Project Connecting Europe through History – Experiences and Perceptions of Migration in Europe”, run by EUROCLIO,the European Association of History Educators, in collaboration with EVROAPEVM, the Association of 10 leading universities and the International Students History Associations, is a new transnational initiativewhich aims to enhance mutual understanding among Europe’s citizens, and to share and boost cultural and linguistic diversity by tackling issues linked to movements of people as a common theme across European History.

All nations in Europe can count significant numbers of citizens whose migrant or minority families do not share a common historical experience. Many Europeans are worried by the deepening of European integration and the extension of Europe with 'new' countries. Others have become increasingly xenophobic and intolerant.

Today, diverse student populations also introduce different and frequently conflicting perspectives to give meaning to the ‘same’ events. Historians and History educators face the challenge to explore and explain such heterogeneous historical roots and culture. They cannot simply rely on ‘more inclusive’ historical narratives.

“Connecting Europe through History” offers room for multiple perspectives, intercultural dialogue and a European dimension to create new histories and we hope lead to better mutual understanding, tolerance and peace.

Using comparative research methods around themes of Migration, the Project aims to profile the different ways in which European countries deal with such challenges, and to show the extent to which History Education is already part of this process.

The results of this work will be discussed over a series of national seminars, workshops and lectures in countries around Europe, bringing together prominent historians and researchers from the EVROAPEVM academic network, civil society representatives from the wide network of EUROCLIO National History Teachers Associations and Students of History Education, Culture and Heritage, Economics and Migration Studies from the network of ISHA.

This geographical spread across Europe and across sections facilitates the Project’s aim to offer insights into the knowledge and interpretation of Migration and Movement, bringing Europe closer to its citizens and raise awareness of the trans-national ideas. 

Between September 2009 and November 2010, 9 events have been organised accross Europe, involving more than 400 teachers, teacher trainers, historians, young researchers, migration experts, policy-makers and members of the general public. On this site you can access the event programmes, reports and audiovisual material. In all events, the three main project partners (EUROCLIO, ISHA and EVROPAEVM) were represented.

Click on the play button below to listen to Dr Paul Flather (Secretary General of EVROPAEVM), being interviews by Austrian Public Radio after the final event in the project, that took place in Vienna, November 2010.

On the right, one of the excellent expert contributions to the project is made by Dr Renee Hirschon, an expert in the history of the Greek-Turkish Population exchange. In itself, a key-migration in European History